An example of the tense relationship between tech companies and universities is Facebook’s decision to crack down on NYU’s Ad Observer (Issie Lapowsky/Protocol).



The idea of health has changed over time. The biological point of view says that early definitions of health put a lot of weight on how well the body could work. Health was seen as a state of regular function that could be interrupted by disease. A definition of health that fits this description might be “a condition defined by anatomical, physiological, and psychological integrity; the ability to do personally important family job (nyu ad observerlapowskyprotocol), and community tasks; and the ability to deal with physical, biological, psychological, and social stress.”

The World Health Organization (WHO) later offered an even more wide definition of health in 1948, one that went beyond simply the absence of sickness and infirmity to embrace “physical, mental, and social well-being.” This notion was attacked for being too unclear, too inclusive, and for not being perceived as quantitative, despite some people heralding it as innovative. The accepted meaning of the term persisted for a long time.

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